Budapest over the weekend – how to lose weight by visiting! :)

Is it possible to go to Budapest for a weekend and visit everything? As you guessed, the answer is “not really :D” because like any big city, Budapest has a lot of attractions to offer.

I guarantee you, however, that you can see a lot, and that’s something! You will not sleep, but you will be satisfied with the fully used weekend time! And you will still have time for fun and dancing, hurray!

We left on Friday around 6p.m from Gliwice. Five people in the car, hoping to get to the place around midnight, to be able to taste the night life and see my beloved bridges at night. With several stops, we arrived at 00:30. A great time, despite the fact that fatigue after a whole week of work was difficult. The apartment in the center, near the parliament, amounted to about PLN 40 per person per night. Inside: kitchen, bathroom, toilet, separate bedroom and bedroom combined with a large living room. Building is located on a busy street, with a wonderful patio and (for me) extraordinary… elevators.

Yes – elevators in the tenement houses in Budapest are one of the attractions for me! That’s why I recommend checking if someone will have accommodation in rented apartments, not in hotels / hostels.

I must regret to add that the weather unfortunately disappointed us – it was cold and raining, but what to expect from the first weekend of February? We bravely gathered in the direction of the parliament and the monument of shoes on the bank of the Danube, commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. Of course, at night we are not able to visit too many places, but with only two days at our disposal, every moment counts. Anyway, a walk around Budapest at night is such a wonderful memory that I assure you you will not regret yours struggled shoes. Therefore, for an evening, properly night walk, I suggest a route along the river, watching splendidly lit bridges, parliament, castle and other buildings, ending at the aforementioned shoe monument, which was made to commemorate victims of terror, people who were shot and their bodies thrown into the river…

I consider this place to be distinctive and important, as a must stop, not only for those who love history, monuments, statues, but for us people, for all generations, to see, remember and walk next to 60 pairs of shoes in silence and reverie, among the massive buildings that looked at us from everywhere.

We also attempted to “breathe” in some pub, but unfortunately on our way back home we found nothing, so around 3.30am we managed to get to the apartment, fall asleep and finally regenerate ourselves for the upcoming wanderings.

Day 1

Late wake-up, breakfast in a cozy kitchen with aromatic coffee and products brought from home (it was a weekend and budget option!) And go out. We didn’t move by any means of public transport, the whole trip was powered by the strength of our legs, the effects of which I felt on Sunday, barely walking, but feeling that I lost almost 3 kg! 🙂 For those who will use the metro (you may be lucky enough to find an ooooold underground wagon, which was also an attraction for me!), as I was last time (about 4 years ago) it was just worth buying a weekend ticket . Minus – you will not see the beautiful buildings that are hidden on every corner of Budapest streets, plus – you save time and legs.

We set off towards the freedom bridge and Gellert’s Hill, the central point of Budapest. In backpacks we already had prepared bathing suits, waiting for a visit to the thermal baths, soaking in 40 degree water and resting among ancient columns, saunas and massage rooms. But before we completely lost ourselves in the thermal baths we were exploring the city. Among others, the Basilica of Saint. Stefan, the synagogue, and the famous “Vaci street” – a shopping street, which I recommend also during the Christmas season, you can then move into the world of fabulous, small shops with Christmas reindeers, elves and other decorations.

Finally, a mandatory lunch break. We chose a typical Hungarian pub (bistro tulip) and ordered something that looked like goulash, but the goulash was not so… well, I never ask what is inside, and I regret it so probably I will start writing down to later transfer these recipes here. It was a bit spicy, meat, there was also a kind of macaroni noodles? It’s hard to say anything in Hungarian, so let me just say that it was tasty! 🙂

For two large “second dishes”, mulled wine, beer and 4 sweet pancakes with nutella, we paid 29 euros.

Full, barely rolling, but regaining strength, we started climbing the Geller Hill. It was already dark – which I highly recommend, because the views at night from the very tip of Budapest are breathtaking …

Personally, I could take a blanket there, good wine and spend a very cozy evening. It’s beautiful, don’t be scared by the stairs and the route, it’s really worth it! Along the way, you can also visit the rock chapel, which I had the opportunity to visit 4 years ago and I also recommend it 🙂 At the very top next to the Gellert monument is a citadel and park, which if someone has the strength and time can go, watching various monuments. We skipped this point almost running to the Gellert terms, which were at the foot of the hill. provides a link for those interested, price per person for entry without a time limit – 80 PLN. Relax, relax and relax again. Probably there is nothing better for tired feet and soaked clothes than lying down in warm water, lounging in the sauna and enjoying the beautiful interior. In these spas there are several pools of approximately 40 degrees, 38, 36, as well as 15 and 17 – just in time for going out of the sauna. There is also an outdoor swimming pool with a sauna and an “ice barrel”, where you can hear battle shouts, people struggling with temperature. For most of us it did not end well, we got a fever on Monday, but who would look at it? Carefree moment. It was wonderful!!!

Other spas, which we also took into account: <- recommended by my friend from Budapest.

The therms close at 8p.m so before we left, we dried up, the clocks were at 8.30. I really do not know how it happened but at home we were around 11p.m – which means that we wandered around the city (we wanted to cross the other side of the river) more than two hours. But nothing lost – I said, Budapest attracts at night like a magnet!

A quick shower, make up, a nice dress and we went to

If you like the atmosphere of abandoned, ruined clubs with a rough floor, colorful graffiti, covered, shabby doors, dance floor, bunks of metal stairs and balustrades – there are no excuses for not appearing in this place. A typical club with neutral music, a million tourists of every nationality, having its own unique atmosphere that can not be forgotten. For me – a bomb! We love to play and dance so we had fun till early morning, sleep came around 6 am … and wake up at 10am.

Day 2

Believe me, legs really hurt us – not only from visiting but also from dancing and above all lack of sleep. And here a parliament and museum of terror awaited us. Two places worth recommending, two places worth paying for. In the first place we went to the museum, it does not require prior reservation, the price for a ticket is 3000HUF or about 40 PLN. Page: It does not serve entertainment, it serves to know what happened after the war in times of terror in the Hungarian lands. You’ll see “black volga”, lots of movies and comments from people who have survived. I will not reveal details, you can learn everything from the website. For us, despite the fatigue – it was worth it. Read, see, feel and learn about the history of Hungary.

The second place we visited that day is the famous parliament. The pearl of Budapest, an impressive building, proudly standing by the river. It looks magnificent from the outside and it’s the same in the middle. The whole is in gold, dignified, huge – although the time of visiting is about 30 minutes. A reservation is required here, preferably a few weeks earlier for a peaceful conscience look at the website and book a visit, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises during your stay. The price is not drastic – PLN 32 for an adult ticket seems to be quite right when it comes to such an important point on the map.

At the end of the visit in Budapest we went to the “best Langosh” in the city … I was so hungry that even if they were raw, I would spread the word to the whole world that they were the tastiest of all the dishes I have ever eaten abroad! 😀
And seriously, I recommend, very tasty, a large selection of meat, without meat, stuffed, traditional, yummy!
Prices from 800HUF depending on the ingredients 🙂 ⇒

We ate, packed around 5.30 to the car and through the cruel snow storm in Slovakia and the Czech Republic somehow returned home. The return was tragic … it was really raining, snowing, wind was blowing, no one was shoveling road, we thought we would have to stop and wait until the next day. This is an applause for our driver Diego, for surviving in such difficult conditions … Spaniard, and he dealt with our eastern frosts! ♥

From practical information: For 5 people, diesel – PLN 106 per person, two-way ticket + PLN 35 per person for all vignettes (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). Start in Gliwice.

If anyone has any questions, I will gladly help you – I have a good friend from Budapest and thanks to that I have been there several times (by bus and by plane too), and even had the opportunity to have fun at a Hungarian-Turkish wedding!



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