Upcoming news. 3in1 monsters!

Multifunctional 3in1 blanket is a combination of a mascot, pillow and blanket for the little ones.

Soon there will be four new fur-balls which will join the ranks of the monkey world and our range of travel accessories. Together with us, they will visit and make trips to you, dear parents.

Our plush toys are perfect for car trips, bivouacs, camping and flights. The colorful pattern of sweet monsters serves as a mascot for a child, in which there is a blanket with dimensions of 110 * 160cm in the middle. It is very pleasant to touch, warm and above all handy – the child can carry it with him as his favorite toy.

The mascot is so soft that it can even be used as a pillow. The slider (through which we pull out the blanket), which is located in the upper part of the mascot, does not interfere with resting on your favorite monster.

Certainly such a gadget will bring joy not only to children, but also to adults, who instead of a separate blanket, pillows and toys will be able to have everything in one place and still have a smile guarantee on the face of their child.

We invite you soon to see all available cuddly toys! 🙂

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